eelcomed bathymetry

 ©   Dr. Eelco J. Rohling
School of Ocean and Earth Science, Southampton Oceanography Centre

Document date: November 2001 (last updated 7 Jan 2002)

The Dark Secret of the Mediterranean

a case history in past environmental reconstruction

1. Catastrophe

2. Anatomy of the Mediterranean

2.1.Lungs of the ocean


2.3.The Life that is sustained

3. Forensic Earth Science, or ‘How do we know what happened?’

3.1.Marine sediment coring

3.2.A day on a Mediterranean research cruise

3.3.Tools of the trade

4. Circulation in Crisis

5. The Astronomical Pacemaker

5.1.Eccentricity and Precession

5.2.Obliquity or Tilt

5.3.Monsoonal Maxima and Sapropels

6. Variability, Instability, and Human Impact

7. The Experiment Continues

Partially supported by EC MAST-3  project CLIVAMP (MAS3-CT95-0043)

Key words: Mediterranean, palaeoenvironment, palaeoceanography, palaeoclimate, sapropels, anoxia